The House That Built Me

* que the song “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert*

Dear, 4408 San Fernando Ln. Mckinney, Tx 75070.

Thank you for being my home for the past 21 and a half years (yes I have lived in the same house for 21 and a half years).

You were always filled with lots of love, lots of happiness, and a wonderful family.

You were there for the hard times. You were there when I lost my grandpa. You were there when I lost my uncle. You were there when I lost my great grandpa. You were there when I lost my best friend. But, you were also there for all the great times. All the birthday parties. All the graduations. All the laughs. All the smiles. All the celebrations. It is safe to say that love covered every inch of this house. 

The walls of my bedroom hold all my secrets. They hold all the times I would cry in sadness, but also all the times I laughed until I cried tears of joy. They hold all times I had friends over for sleepovers and we would stay up WAYYYYYY past our bedtime. They hold all the times that I would put in a CD and make up numerous dances and perform in front of an audience of stuffed animals. They hold all the dreams that I ever dreamed. My room was my favorite place to be. 


My bathroom wall contains my initials in purple glitter nail polish because I thought it was going to come off if I signed it……it didn’t.


The living room holds all the laughs my family shared every day. It holds all the tears my mom cried during every movie (she’s a softie). It holds all the times me and my dad would kick the ball against the fireplace. It holds where my brother in law proposed to my sister!! It holds every Christmas morning memory as our presents were laid out in the same exact spots for 21 years.



The kitchen holds all the times that my family made breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts. It also holds all the times we TRIED to make those things…and they didn’t turn out so well.


The dining room holds all the dinner time talks. All the stories shared about the past day. All the great things that happened and the bad.


I took my first steps right in front of the front door. It also ended up being the number 1 back drop for pictures throughout the years. 



The backyard holds all the summertime and winter time memories. The fence that once stood was the one where me and my sister sprayed each other with the water hose to make a water silhouette on the fence. It is where I set up my own soccer net and practiced every day to become the best player I could be. It is where we made numerous snowmen. It was where the basketball hoop was when I thought I was going to make it in basketball. It holds the stone dog that held all my hats that I would wear out, but then quickly take off….(sorry mom).


My sister’s room was a fun place. I went there to try on her clothes and act like her because for as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be just like her. It holds all the nights we had slumber parties. It holds the times we would sing into a plastic microphone to our favorite songs, thinking we were actually good.


My parent’s room was always my safe place. When I was scared, that was the first place I would run. When I needed advice, I knew I could find it there. When I couldn’t sleep in my own room, I could always find rest there.


You also now hold the place where my niece got to spend the first year of her life. She learned to crawl and walk right in the middle of the living room. 


So, thank you again 4408 San Fernando. Thank you for being the best home ever. Thank you for giving me a place that I could always come home too. This house will forever be something that I treasure.

Yours truly,

The first owners of 4408 San Fernando Ln Mckinney, Tx 75070, The Throneberry’s



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