Day 5: Kileigh Vann


Dear Kileigh,

Hi Ki!!! Wowza, it is hard to think that I have only known you for about a year!! I am so thankful that you took a chance and decided to live with me and Allie, because it has honestly turned out so great. I am so thankful for you everyday. You have such a fun and positive outlook on life. You have always given me the best advice. I know I can literally come to you with anything and you always have the right things to say. Seriously, I don’t know what last year would have been like if you hadn’t been my roommate. Thanks for always being down to go on fun adventures…..I will never forget the time we went searching for popcorn at 11:30 at night! LOL. Ski trip was also a blast with you (once I finally made it). I am so glad we got to travel and experience that together. Also….who else would go to a monster truck rally together??? Definitely one for the books. And of course Sing Song. I will never forget those 2 months together. It was a whirlwind of emotions, but I am so glad I had you by my side the whole time. Thank you for never letting me be alone. You have been there to comfort me when I have been down. You will never know how much it means to me that you have been there for me during those hard times. Thanks for dragging me out of the house when I would have just sat alone all night and always including me in things. It truly means a lot to me. I love every moment that we get to spend together. I value our friendship so much!!!! You are such a great girl Ki…..please don’t leave 😦




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