Day 7: Shay Johnson


Dear Shay,

HI SHAY!!!!! (Here is your letter that you wanted on day 7 at your request 🙂 ) I am so thankful that you chose to come to ACU!!! Even though we have really only known each other for what like a month now, I am so incredibly thankful that I am getting to know and also that I get to play with you for a season. YOU ARE A FREAKING BEAST. I cannot get over how good you are playing. It makes me proud as a senior to see you working so hard and really finding your place on this team. I am so thankful that we also get to be locker buddies!!!!! You are a great locker neighbor and I love our chats that we have before any practice or game. You have one of the best personalities. I think you are probably one of the funniest people I know. You don’t care what anyone thinks and you just do what you want which I LOVE!!!! I just know you are going to thrive at ACU over the course of the next 4 years. You have so much life ahead of you so make the most of it! Make a lot of friends. Stay out past curfew (well only a couple times). Try new things. Make the most of your college years because you will never get these times back!! Soak everything in because it goes by WAY faster than you could imagine. Trust me, I would know. Honestly, I am a tad bit jealous of all the freshman because these years went by way to fast and I wish I could go back and make even MORE memories than I did. You have such a great spirit Shay. Never let anyone take that away from you!! Keep spreading God’s message as well. People are listening, so don’t stop. I wish I could get more years with you, but I’m pretty sure we live kinda close (Coppell and McKinney) so like we should totally hang out over breaks. Okay? Okay 🙂

I got lots of love for you Shay!!!



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