Day 10: Matthew Counts

IMG_3683 (1).jpg

Dear Matt,

Hi Matthew Counts!!!! Thanks for finally accepting my friend request on Facebook 3 years later. I will never forget meeting the guy 3 years ago with hair longer than mine (just kidding, but you definitely had the flow going on) that showed up on our dorm porch way to pick up my best friend, Allie, to go on a date. Don’t worry, I had already heard all about you, but I had to meet you for myself. Thanks for treating Allie so well these past 3 years. Thanks for giving her everything she deserves and more. Thanks for also always including me in things. You and Allie both have never once made me feel left out. I know sometimes its probably annoying to have me around or have to hang out with me, BUT you will never know how much I appreciate it that you both want to hang out with me. Some guys can be rude to their girlfriends (I mean fiancé’s) friends, but you and me are #goals. I can easily consider you one of my closest friends!! I have always looked up to you and Allie. Yall’s relationship has been so amazing to watch over the past 3 years and NOW YALL ARE FREAKING GETTING MARRIED!!!! I cannot wait to be apart of such a special day!! I am so beyond happy for the both of you. But for real, thanks for being you Matthew. You are one of a kind and I am so thankful that I have such a great friend like you!! P.S. let’s eat Snickers ice cream again soon.

You rock. Never change. Go Cowboys. Go Wildcats.



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