Day 13: Nana and Papa


Dear Nana and Papa,

Hi Nana and Papa!!!!!! I had to add y’all to this list because I am SOOOO thankful for you both. I am so thankful that I have grandparents that travel to my soccer games and have been on the sidelines supporting me ever since I started playing at 4. I am also thankful that my nana got to be my coach for a few years and that she got to share her love of the game with me. I will never forget how cool it was to be coached by my dad and my grandma. You’re support never goes unnoticed. Not everyone has people to come watch them play in college and I just always feel so blessed that I have you both at most games. I am so thankful that y’all live close to me and that you both were there through everything growing up. I will never forget all the summer days spent at y’alls house (especially the day when my mom forgot me and Ashley). I will never forget all the family game nights we have and all the holiday celebrations. Those are definitely something I look forward to every time I come home!! I am so thankful that we have such a strong family connection and I know that started will y’all. I will forever cherish every memory that we share together. You both are truly the best!! Thank you both for showing the Lord’s love and grace. Y’all have set a good example for our entire family on what a Christ centered family should look like. Nana, you radiate with God’s love and I really look up to you. You inspire me to dig deeper into the Bible and to strive to be a godly woman. I can never thank you enough for that!!! Well, I love you both so much and I don’t think I can ever say enough how thankful I am for y’all.

Little Sunshine loves you both a lot!!!!!!!



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