Day 14: Ashley


Dear Ashley,

HI ASH!!!!! Happy birthday!!!! Goodness, you are old (lol just kidding, 28 isn’t that old). Today and everyday I am so thankful for you. You are the best sister ever. I feel so lucky everyday that I get to call you my sister. Growing up we were close, but I mean it was kind of hard to get that close because of our age difference. I mean you were already going to college and I was only in the seventh grade. However, now that I have grown up a little bit, I feel like we have gotten so much closer and I regard you now as my best friend, not just my sister. I am so glad that you live close to mom and dad so that I was able to spend all summer with you. Everyone asked what I did this summer, and I feel so blessed that I was able to say I got to hang out with my best friend (and Scarlett of course) every day. I love getting to spend time with you. We always find something to do and always make the most of everything. We pretty much have grown into the same person…same height. Same size. Same interests. Almost same everything….but I wouldn’t it want it any other way. To be able to be the same as my older sister? I always dreamed to be just like you. I remember growing up, whenever you would be at dance, I would always sneak in your room and try on your clothes and your shoes and everything because I wanted to be JUST LIKE YOU. I am so thankful that we got to grow up together in 4408 San Fernando. It was so hard to say goodbye solely because of all the memories we made together there. I think it is gonna be cool to share all the stories we have from there to our kids one day. I am sure they are going to be so interested… šŸ™‚ But really, looking back, I am so thankful to have all those memories together and that we got to share them as sisters. You have grown into a beautiful woman Ash and I still look up to you today. You are a great sister, and an even better mom. You give everything to your family and I admire that so much. You are going to excel in whatever you do and God has a plan for you. Whatever you end up doing, you are going to be the best. You always are.

I love you so so so much sista!!!!!!



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