Day 15: Emily Duke


Dear Emily,

EMMY DUKE!!!! I am so thankful for you. From the day you came on your official visit and got to stay with me and Allie, I knew we were going to be great friends!! Your personality just radiates so much joy and happiness. I love being around you because there is never a dull moment because we are pretty much just laughing the whole time!! You are one of a kind Em. I am so thankful that we have pursued a friendship outside of soccer. Soccer is great and all, but all the times we have hung out past soccer are the times that I really cherish and have really gotten to know you. From all our dinners together, to going hiking, to both getting shots in our butt (because our sinus cavities suck), to having numerous movie and game nights, I just love all our memories that we share and will carry them with me for the rest of my life. BTW….praise the Lord that we are done with anatomy and physiology FOREVER!!!!! My goodness, that class was literally the worst and I can’t even begin to imagine how much worse it would have been if we weren’t it in together. You work so hard in school and I love watching you excel because I see how much effort you put in to it. Every time I see you doing homework, you encourage me to do it because I know I should be….and you make good grades so maybe if I studied harder like you I would do better. LOL. You are such a special girl and I know so many people love you!! Never forget how truly loved you are!!! I admire your spirit so much! God’s love pours out of you and I love getting to watch you spread his word. I am so proud of everything you do Em!!!




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