Day 17: Ryan Woods


Dear Ryan,

Hi Ry!!! I am so thankful for our friendship. I will never forget meeting you at Project Graduation when you crashed McKinney’s party with our great friend Dante!! Thanks for being one of my first friends at ACU and I am so glad we have remained such good friends throughout the years. I know I can always count on you for anything. Thanks for always being there to talk when I have been struggling and down about everything. Thanks for always looking out for me and making sure I don’t settle for less than I deserve. I just cherish our friendship so much!! You are just such a great friend. Also…there is no one that can sing and dance like you. Holy cow, you are so good at singing and can definitely bust a move. I am also glad that your teeth didn’t fall out when we went to Guitars for the first time together freshman year….LOL what a night. I am so glad I was able to celebrate your birthday the other night before I had to leave for soccer. That was so much fun!! Well, just know I love you Ryan and I value our friendship so much!!! You are awesome!!! Also, let’s get Dante out to Abilene this semester please!!! How fun would that be?!

You’re the best Ryan!!!



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