Day 18: Nicole Heidelberg


Dear Nicole,

OH MY GOODNESS I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Anytime I think of my freshman year of college, I can only think of you. You were my best friend and literally my first friend outside of soccer. I will never forget when you walked into me and Allie’s dorm and we just instantly hit it off. I just remembering thinking you were so cool and all I wanted to do was be your friend. I am so thankful for our friendship and that we have remained in touch over the past years since you transferred. I was SO UPSET when you did, but I knew God had to have a better plan for you and it seriously just looks like you are flourishing at A&M. I am so glad me and Allie got to see you last year too!!! That was such a fun surprise and such a treat to be able to see you!!! You still mean so much to me and I still think about how you are doing all the time. You live out your faith in everything that you do and it is so awesome to see how much you have grown since freshman year. I wish we still went to college together because we had so many good memories together. Remember when we mastered that yoga pose? Remember when I bought you a pig stuffed animal so Horace could have a friend? Remember when we drove across town ON SNOW AND ICE to go watch the Super Bowl? Remember when we went to Guitars together? Remember when we made up our own song and dance because “we got to sleep in until 10am because ACU’s closed so sleepin in my bed.” Gosh, literally so many good memories. You are such a special friend Nicole and I am so glad I got the chance to do life with you. You will forever hold a special place in my heart!! I want to plan to come see you in A&M soon, okay? Okay.




One comment

  1. Liz Nicole · October 11, 2016

    love ya cutie pieeee

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