Day 19: Travis


Dear Travis,

WHAT UP T-MAN!!!! Hopefully you see this considering you rarely get on social media lol, but I just had to let you know how thankful I am for you. Thanks for being the best big brother that I never had. Thanks for coming into our family and treating all of us so well. I will never never never forget driving up to Virginia and Ashley texting me that there was a boy that was her friend that I had to meet. The emotion that I felt when I figured out it was her boyfriend, I just can’t even describe. You are everything my sister needs and more. You treat her so well and are a good example of the kind of man I want to find. You allow my sister to pursue her dreams and are always there for her. You provide for your family and are a GREAT father to Scarlett. I look up to you more than you know. Never forget that. Goodness, I am just so thankful for you. Thanks for all the laughs you provide and all the great memories. I am so glad you moved to Texas and have grown to love this great state (GO COWBOYS). 🙂 Just kidding I know you aren’t a Cowboys fan (yet)…I will cheer for your teams too….sometimes. You really are the definition of a GREAT big brother and I am so blessed to have you apart of my life. You are just so awesome.

Love you Trav!!!



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