Day 21: Jonathan Bradford


Dear Jonathan,

WHAT IS UP J BRAD!!!!!!!! Betcha didn’t think one of these was coming your way did you?! I am so thankful for you Bradford. Literally since day 1 here at ACU we have been friends and I am so glad that senior year we are still close! Thanks for always being there for me when I need you and looking out for me. What you have done for me recently really means a lot and I do really appreciate it. You are such a great friend to everyone. When someone is down, you know how to brighten their day and always make everyone laugh and who doesn’t love to laugh right?! Thanks for also being THE BEST Sing Song director ever. Thanks for forcing me to do it because it ended up being one of the best experiences ever. Thanks for also treating Kileigh so well. It has been so awesome to watch yall’s relationship from the beginning and see everything unfold!! Y’all are perfect for each other and I love all the time I get to spend with you both!! Y’all are always down for a fun adventure (Exhibit A: the picture above) and I just enjoy all the things we get to do together. I can’t wait for any more memories that are to come!! Well, I am so thankful for you J Brad and never forget it!!! (and remember I know where you live if you ever do anything to Kileigh) 🙂

You are the best!!



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