Day 22: Scarlett


Dear Scarlett,

Hi my precious peanut!!! Obviously you can’t read this right now, but maybe your mommy can read it to you / you can come back in about 5 years and read it!! I am so beyond thankful for your little soul. You have brightened my life more than you know. You make me laugh all the time and I love all the time that we get to spend together, just me and you. I love the person you are growing into. You are getting quite the personality (never forget the magic word [please] that will get Mommy to buy you anything you want) 🙂 I wish I got to see you everyday like I did this past summer. Pictures and videos are great, but nothing beats walking up to your house and having you run into my arms, screaming my name. I am very thankful that you learned my name first and only called out my name (not anyone else’s) for a solid 2 months. You have blessed my life more than you know. I cannot wait until you grow up and I get to take you on shopping sprees and to go get our nails done (and of course have all the girl talk that will just stay between us…sorry Ash). My goodness, you definitely already have me wrapped around your finger and I cannot wait to spoil you in the years to come!!! You have my whole heart Scar. Never forget that.




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