Day 23: Michele Gerner


Dear Michele,

Hello Mrs. Gerner!!!! I am so so so thankful for you and all that you have done for me the past few years. You are one of the coolest people ever and I am so thankful for all the times we have got to hang out! It is always a blast when you come into town to visit!! When me, you, and Allie talk about everything going on in our lives, you fit right in and are just like one of us (but definitely wiser). I will definitely cherish all the memories we have shared from my vacation to San Antonio a couple years ago, to this past summer in Gruene for Allie’s engagement. The morning we walked for coffee was so much fun and I really enjoyed it. Leading up to that weekend was pretty hard, but I am glad I was able to call you for advice and I am so glad someone else knew the secret so I could talk to someone because keeping that from Allie was SO HARD!!! Thanks for raising Allie to be the person she is. Thanks for giving me my best friend!!!! She is one of a kind, but I know she is who she is because of the family she came from. I just absolutely love the Gerner’s!!! Y’all are such an awesome family and are always so encouraging and supportive. You are a true example of a Christ centered woman and I really look up to you. You also have a super connection with prayers so keep them coming…. 🙂 You are just so great and I cannot wait to see you this weekend!!

I love you Mrs. Gerner!!!!!



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