Day 29: Art


Dear Art,

Hahahahahaha hi Art!!!!! I am so thankful that your dad, Matthew Counts, adopted you a little over a year ago. You have been such a joy in all three of our lives. Remember that one time you ripped up your new toy that I got you literally 2 minutes after I gave it to you?? Lol that was fun to clean up 🙂 ALSO remember when you threw up in the middle of our living room and we had to clean that up too and get the smell out? HAHAHAHAH it all has been such a blast!!!! I wouldn’t want to be a doggie aunt to anyone else but you!!! You are fun to spoil!!! I am also so glad that come May 26, Allie is officially going to be your mom. You are going to be one lucky pup with those 2!!! Well, just know how much I love you and adore you so much!!! Come visit soon!!!!

I love you!!! (Also shout out to this bomb family pic of all of us hahahahahahaha)



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